Thursday, October 09, 2008

Praise to an Unasked Prayer

God is so good! I don't ever give Him enough credit and that saddens me. But today I'm praising Him for a blessing. Something I didn't even ask Him for!

A year ago I moved into a different apartment after a leak in my former apartment ruined my laptop. Due to this move, the apartment complex had given me a VERY good rate for the new apartment. About six weeks ago, I received a letter telling me it was time to sign a new lease and the amount for rent each month was included. It was a drastic increase from my current rent, but I was expecting that because it was the going rate for the apartment.

Today, I went in to sign paperwork and was told the amount on the letter was a mistake. There was no way they were going to raise my rent that much and would _____ be agreeable. "YES!" My rent is still going up, but only a fraction of what I thought it was going up. And I didn't even ask!

Thank you Lord!

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