Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm in a funk. I don't totally understand it myself and am trying, desperately, to rely on the Lord for truth instead of my feelings, which are deceptive. Over the past week, I've been angry, tearful, hurt, ticked off, and just down in the dumps. Most of these emotions have been over things that would normally be slightly frustrating, but not preemptive of the extreme feelings that have been occurring. It's frustrating, because I think I'm usually a fairly even-keeled person. I mean, I don't usually have major mood swings.

I'm rambling, so I'm going to try to streamline some of my consciousness. :)

I have two friends at work whom I'm praying salvation. The Lord has laid their lostness on my heart and I'm saddened for them. I pray the Lord keeps my heart sensitive to their eternity.

I have yet another sinus infection. I'm hopeful a new medicine will help this to happen less and less. Due to the sinus infection, I have no energy and am thus tired and slightly cranky.

My car is having some issues. My battery light comes on first thing of a morning, but goes off after about a minute. I've taken it in and they've test the (BRAND NEW) battery and can't find anything wrong with it. The alternator is also brand new. Everyone says "As long as it's going off, there isn't a problem." but my car is shuddering as we back out and I always feel like it's going to die on me. I hate having car issues and, honestly, during them is when I feel my singleness in a very acute way.

I'm still rambling. Even though I'm trying to streamline. So I'm going to stop now.

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