Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mystery to Men

Mindy has challenged me to reveal the contents of my purse. I have always found it amusing that this female accessory confounds men a bit, so I find this activity amusing as well. I'm up for it!

I carry different purses, depending on color of outfit or classy level of evening. The one for today is pretty straightforward. One large opening and one tiny zipper pocket.

Large opening:
Phone: never go anywhere without

billfold: a little larger than i'd like, but i haven't made it a priority to shop for a smaller one...this is one of those checkbook, credit card, cash, etc combinations

$10 starbucks gift card from student: well earned...believe me

orbit lemon lime gum: sweet mint is my favorite, but this purse has lemon lime for now

green pen: works well for grading (never know when i'm going to have a few extra minutes!)

$5 starbucks gift card: randomly received in mail

car keys: no explanation necessary

other keys with discount cards attached

hair clip, 2 pony tail holders and barrette

tavist-D: allergies have been bad lately

small zipper pocket:

lip liner
lip gloss
feminie hygiene product
pain killer (Laurie's experience of falling down the stairs taught me this is another item to never leave home without!)

As I've put everything back into my purse, I've slightly reorganized and moved the hair accessories and tavist-D to the small zipper pocket as well: gives me more room in the large pocket!

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