Monday, March 03, 2008


I need a break from a fun weekend!

Friday: hang out at a Spades tournament, without playing Spades, but enjoying wonderful conversation with great friends...get home at midnight

Saturday: wake up at 7:45am for no apparent reason, work out on treadmill, read a book outside on my porch, talk with a college friend on the phone, do some slight picking up around the house, talk with my cousin on the phone, then another college friend calls and we catch up as well, play two games of softball, eat out with team and cheerers, play Wii with some members of team and cheering squad, go to bed at 2:30am after showering (softball + workout = yeck)

Sunday: wake up at 7:45am, pick up breakfast for myself and friends, drive almost to Clear Lake to a church service in which Mike Huckabee spoke briefly on being the light of the world and Tim LaHaye brought a message on pre-tribulation...It was an experience. It had been awhile since I'd been in a non-Baptist church for a service (weddings, yes, services, it had been awhile.) Truth was spoken, worship was participatory. I enjoyed it! I didn't agree with everything, but who is to say I'm always right? (emphasis on the always) drive back, have lunch with some other friends and head home where I tried to take a nap...Head to HFBC for a lesson on living in a world full of lies and needing to hear the truth, then a sermon on being the salt and light of the world. My friends who attended the morning service with me all agreed that this was most certainly not a coincidence. Very fun to see the Lord working so majestically and in unity.

On a different note, the Lord is speaking truth in my life through His scripture and loving friends. All in all, draining. My muscles are sore, my heart is bruised and my spirit is currently in a place of some unrest. I can tell my students have picked up on the fact that all may not be well with Ms. Ross. They're very quiet and doing exactly what I say the first time I say it. I could get used to that!

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