Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Schedule

Wake up at 7:30am for no apparent reason.
-Check email and look through the listings my realtor has sent me, mark out 13 of the 14.

9:00, wake up Angela
- Angela finishes her packing and we load up the car

10:00, go to bank, then breakfast at La Madeline

11:00, go back home and chill for a little while

11:30, go to church parking lot and let Angela drive around

12:00, go by a townhouse I'm interested in and take pics of outside

12:15, call Southwest Airlines and realize storms are in Dallas, know will probably have flight delays

12:45, arrive at airport for Angela's 2:00pm flight

1:45, gate attendant announces we're on a gate hold until 3:00pm, when we will receive an update...whatever that means

1:45, call Southwest Airlines from airport; found out all flights in and out of Dallas have been stopped for today, reschedule Angela for flight tomorrow

2:00, told no luggage would be retrieved, it will go to original destination...good luck!

2:15, leave airport and pay $2 for parking...for nothing

3:00, go by library to check out children's books for several grad school projects

4:30, blogging and sleepy...I want a nap

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