Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mini Rant on Disney

I remember people being "Um, why are these called "KIDS' stories?" when talking about Disney stories, and I would always think "Yeah, I guess...but they're kids' movies, and I grew up on them, and they're great!"

Ok.  Seriously!?  Let me just tell you, in my own words, the story we read last night.

A young maiden is HATED by her step-mother. (Hello?  A LOT of our culture has a step-mother.  It's hard.  Do we really want to make it harder by having them read a story/watch a movie in which the child is HATED by the step-mother?)

The step-mother so hates this young maiden that she sends someone to KILL the young maiden and bring her the maiden's heart as proof.

WHAT?  Gross!  As in, truly sick.

But the huntsman can't do it and lets her go.  The wicked step-mother eventually finds out about this and then poisons an apple. (Does it HAVE to be an apple?  A fruit?  Something GOOD for children?  Do the writers of Disney stories have any idea how hard it is to get kiddos to eat fruit?  Couldn't the step-mother at least have poisoned a Starburst candy!?)

The young maiden is hiding with kind and caring dwarfs.  (Well, at least this is one redeeming quality.  People that are "different" are shown to be kind and compassionate.)

But, they come home from the diamond mines one day to find the young maiden LIFELESS on the floor.  (HEL-LO!  Scary!  These are little kids, here!)

But, of course, a prince comes by and kisses her, and they ride off to his kingdom.  (He only kisses her because she's beautiful. (Great.  I'm TRYING to teach her that she is valued for more than her beauty.  This is NOT helping!)  Not every girl gets a prince and gets to ride off to his kingdom and never work again.  And by "not every girl", I pretty much mean it does not happen.  Ever.  I know.  I know.  It's a fairy tale.  Except for all the SCARY stuff, you know!?)

Ok.  Mini rant over.

Does anyone have Beauty and the Beast on DVD that we can borrow between now and Halloween?  Because Little Miss is Belle this year.

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