Thursday, October 03, 2013


I used to read my blog list every night.  I liked Google Reader, then moved to Blog Lovin' when Google Reader went away.  I would lay in bed and read my favorites and chuckle and groan and sometimes cry.  I'd laugh seeing the pictures, rejoicing in the progress of an adoption story, or mourn a loss or heartache.

I cannot think of the last time I read a blog post.  No clue.  I think it's been since my little one came.  Surely? Maybe not, though?

I write blog posts.  Because I love this outlet of emotion and creativity.

But I haven't had time to read them lately.

We do seem to be in more of a school routine.  Routine is necessary for all children, but it's a magnified need for kiddos from hard places.  The transition from summer to school was a bumpy ones, but it does seem to be smoothing out.  She's falling asleep about 7:30-7:45, which means I have a couple of hours of an evening to decompress.  Sometimes that's a laundry list of "MUST DO THIS!" and sometimes it means I can curl up with a book or watch a favorite DVRed show.

But, at least for right now, blogs aren't getting read.

Maybe some day...


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