Thursday, September 12, 2013

After School Commitments

We've had several after school commitments this week.  She had something at school on Tuesday and at home on Wednesday.  I had something Wednesday at school and HAD to run an errand on the way home, so we were finishing up dinner when our Wednesday at home appointment arrived.

I started tutoring after school this week, so Mondays and Thursdays have consistent commitments now.  Wednesdays are occasionally staff meetings, but so far they've been every week.  We're waiting to hear back on something, and then she might have a commitment EVERY Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Next week, she'll have gymnastics on Tuesday night, because I didn't understand they required a 30 day notice before cancelling, so now we're trying to fit in 4 paid sessions.

She has started eating a school lunch, which means I can sign her binder when I pick her up from after school care, and then leave her backpack in the car.

We've been finishing dinner about 7:00 and then start her bedtime routine and she's out about 7:45.

Whew, those hours after school pass by fast!

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