Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tax Return

I got my tax return back today! It's way lower than it's been in awhile, but I like money back, lower or not.

I'm putting some in savings and paying some towards my car payment. Hey, the faster it gets paid off, the faster I don't have a car payment. I'll probably allow myself a leeeetle bit of shopping with it, too. So very grown-up like, you know?

What about you? What plans do you have for your tax return this year?


  1. Scott and I plan to do the exact same thing! Once we finally get our tax refund that is....shouldn't be too much longer.

  2. Let's see...there was the new laptop because my old one went kaput. There was the out-of-pocket tuition. There was also the final payment for my cruise and my passport renewal fee. The rest went to savings where I will decide whether or not to spend on my plane ticket to get to FL for the cruise or for a conference in Atlanta that I REALLY want to go to. WHEW!

  3. Ours is going into college savings for Luke. See how quickly those babies take over!

  4. Ours is going towards vacation! Yay for vacation!