Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Raking and Sewing

My patio area had been blown off by one of the complex maintenance workers. I had President's Day off and the men were in the alley and I fluttered my eyelashes and voila!

But the garden area still needed help. I assigned Angela the task while she was here and Dad decided to help her. =)

Over the last year, Mom and I have been working on monthly curtains for my classroom. We do one set at a time, since we're usually only together for a weekend. It makes for a good project to work on when they come visit, too. =) Mom is determined to get me to use the sewing machine. She's taught me before, and it wasn't that hard this time either. I'm just not all that interested. But I am glad I know how.

The last time we worked on curtains here in Houston, Mom made it clear that my 'over the door ironing board' wasn't even close to being acceptable and I would need to procure another one for that weekend. DJ was kind enough to loan me his. This time I took the initiative. =) (If Mama ain't happy...)

I've really liked this project. The fabric has been fun to find...and to coordinate with that particular month.

And these are the curtains we made! These will be my "May" curtains.

These are the March curtains. Very Spring! =)

We made the January curtains over Christmas 2008 and then Mom made the February curtains on her own.

So right now we have December-May finished. I have fabric for October so that will be our next project. It's been hard to find fabric that would work for August, September and November. Everything I've found is very primary, so I'll keep looking!

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