Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Cleaning Tips

Kelly's Korner (see list of 'Friendlies') has a Show Us Your Life series each Friday, where anyone can link to a post on a certain topic. I haven't done many of them, and some I link to a past post that fits the topic. Today's post is new tips!

I love to clean! I've said before, "I get a possibly unhealthy high from cleaning and organizing." ;)

I guess I should clarify a little. I love to organize! I like to clean. =)

My mom has said before that it's easier for her to relax at home when it is clean. I didn't understand that AT ALL when I was younger, but now...I totally get it! Even right now, as I type this post, I'm looking around the room at:

~ the old purse I cleaned out when switching purses, but didn't get put away

~ several pairs of shoes that were kicked off when I walked in the door

~ grad school work that is sitting on the coffee table waiting for me to do
~ and mail that I collected, but haven't sorted through yet

It's not that I can't relax when there's clutter, but it's easier to relax when there isn't!

But all that is a little beside the point! (My friends all know, I like a rabbit trail!)

My best tips for cleaning:
1. Being organized makes it easier to be clean.
~ If the papers have a place to go, it's easier to put them there than it is trying to figure out a place for them to go.

~ Have a file drawer with manila folders or hanging files and LABEL them! =)
~ Another little tip is sort through them at the end of the year and shred all papers for the last year. (I'm a little more cautionary and keep that quarter's papers...but shred all others.)

~ Try to not have a junk drawer. It's really easy for all those little things to pile up. Do you really need them? If not, chunk them! If yes, can they have an actual place to go? If not...see previous question! :) If yes, make one and then put them there!

~ Install more shelving if needed! Home Depot sells wire shelving for a reasonable price. They'll even cut it to your specifications for free! I (ahem, meaning friends of mine) installed these shelves for me in several closets (and several apartments) over the years. They're wonderful at creating additional storage space!

~ Label those boxes of decorations! I have three of these purple bins.

I just did some organizing over Spring Break and (for the first time) labeled them. Now I know what I'm getting out before pulling it down. Also, before this cleaning frenzy, I thought all of them were Christmas decor. Now I know one has sports equipment in it! (So THAT'S where the racquets were! ;)

2. Vinegar and water is a wonder
~ My kitchen faucet and shower head have both had a water pressure issue over the last several months. Did you know you could soak them in vinegar and water to clean them? My shower head has a detachable head with a long cord, so I just let it hang into the bowl of vinegar/water mixture and soak for several hours. It is working MUCH better. I will probably let it soak again...and this time take a toothbrush to it afterwards. I heartily endorse using vinegar and water for cleaning!

Okay, those are my tips!

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  1. Great organizing tips. I really need to tackle my "junk" drawers! I am your newest follower! Check me out when you get a chance.