Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ranting coming up

I fully acknowledge this is a vent.

I'm so frustrated! My co-worker spoke pretty rudely to me just before lunch, when her students are in the hallway. She was upset that I didn't know the answer to my question. Her response was "I emailed that!" Umm, yeah. She hadn't emailed ME that!

She then went into her room and screamed and threw books on desks because she was me. I wasn't there. I was next door in my room. I could hear.

Our district is requiring us to assign a certain type of project. Its ridiculous, because one of the main reasons its being assigned is because it looks good to the media and parents. Except parents will hate having to help their children complete the project and we, the teachers, will receive flak about it. Nonetheless, we have to do it. And our team needs to meet to discuss it. Except one of them tutors every Tuesday during planning. Because she doesn't want to stay after school. The other two tutor every Thursday. For the same reason. Two of them plan every Wednesday during our planning time. And they absolutely are unbending about that. One leaves every day right after duty. She will never stay after school. One arrives right at the beginning of duty. She lives further away and cannot arrive early. The other one has kids at our school and they are in her room of a morning. She must leave on Mondays for the kids' swim practice. I tutor after school on Tuesdays. I have grad school on Thursdays. Not that it matters since the one never stays after's not like we could meet then anyway. When are we supposed to meet?!?!?!?

I walked in to her classroom this morning and asked if we could slightly change the tutor's schedule, just for today. Her answer? "Yes, but you have to stop doing this." Because we can't be flexible? She had some emotional things going on one day last week and left work at 1:15. I covered her tutoring during planning time. Another teacher covered her dismissal duty. We all covered her responsibilities that evening, as we had a school event.

I honestly don't mind being flexible. I feel like that's a part of being a team. I'm just tired of being the only one that is flexible.

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