Monday, February 22, 2010


I don't have all the pics yet from this weekend, so this is a filler post. =) I'll try to post the weekend update tomorrow.

This weekend was fun! Not hectic, not too slow...just a nice, even pace of catching up, productivity, eating wonderful food, celebrating Mom's birthday, and work. More to come on that (hopefully) tomorrow!

Today was nice. Veronica and I went walking this morning and then I stopped at Kolache Factory on my way to work...go figure. =) Our school has some visitors from China coming tomorrow. Allegedly, they're stopping in every classroom briefly. One of my classes finished this way cool writing assignment, and I put it up on the wall outside my room today. The other class will (hopefully) be working on it tomorrow when the visitors walk through our room. My brilliant (only if it works out) idea is that they will see the finished product as well as the process. We'll see! I'll take pics tomorrow.

Jill and I went walking after work today. We hadn't had good catch up time in awhile and it was nice. She invited me to join them for dinner, and I loved being able to hold Luke and hang out with Jill and Aaron for awhile. I'm feeling a little repetitive in this post so far, but...Doh! I didn't even take my camera out! We could have had such cute pictures! Next time, for sure!

I came home and picked up a couple of borrowed items, then drove around town returning them before stopping at the grocery store and heading home. Have you had HEB's hummus? I'd never tried it, but it's really good! It's in a clear bowl, and has garnish in the middle, so you can take off the lid and serve it as a cute appetizer with doing absolutely NOTHING! I love that! I got the one with roasted pine nuts.

Julie's coming over for dinner tomorrow...and I'm looking forward to some chill time with her. We've vowed to not talk about Paradigm! We'll see if that happens! =)

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