Sunday, February 28, 2010

February's Update on "The List"

At the beginning of a new year, I don't always make resolutions. It's just another day. Why does it feel so 'new' to everyone? I never understood it. But this year, I decided January 1 actually meant something other than another day and set some goals for myself for 2010. I don't call them resolutions, though I guess some of them fall in that category.

It's always fun to chronicle progress towards accomplishments, so the last day of each month I plan to do a reflection and update the status of each item on the list! Maybe even add new ones... I've rearranged some of them to make for less repetition.

Here's February's checkup!

In Progress or Still to Do:

1. Take a self-defense class: I've researched this, but haven't moved forward.

2. Go to Chicago: I've researched this, and Veronica and I are talking about dates we could go. =)

3. Go skydiving: Mom may go with me! Wow! I've done the research and we'll see what happens with Mom's decision... Mom and I haven't talked about it again, so not really an update here.

4. Go on a mission trip: I'm still in communication to try to set up a trip to Haiti for this summer. We'll see what the Lord has in store! I definitely appreciate all prayers!

5. Figure out why my wifi doesn't work at home: I just have to make a phone call. Why is that so hard? I'm off this coming Friday, so will put it on my 'to do' list for then.

6. Use everything in my pantry before going grocery shopping: If you've read the blog at all, you know I've been moving forward on this one! I'm allowing myself to buy perishables (meat, produce, dairy), but nothing else. It's been fun, challenging and a money-saver!

7. Meet Angie Smith: I'm not sure if/when this might happen.

8. Visit Crosspoint Church: I'm not sure if/when this might happen.

9. Meet Brandi and Pete Wilson: See #7 and #8.

10. Re-read the Proverbs 31 woman study...focus hard on the character traits the Lord leads me too: I haven't started this one.

11. Go cash predominantly (I'm not sure cash only is even an option anymore): I vacillate on this one, more than I'd like to.


1. Pay off medical bills: TOTALLY FINISHED!

2. Re-take the GRE and work towards completion of my Master's degree: I'm set to graduate in December of this year! Whoo-hooo!

4. Plant things in my garden: Mom, Dad and Angela were in town last weekend. Here are pics of our work outside!

This Jack Daniel's barrel was Grandma's. She LOVED gardening and just tinkering outside. I didn't inherit her greenthumb and, up until recently, I didn't think I'd inherited her love for tinkering outside either. But I've really enjoyed having a garden to play in!

The Lemonade jug was Mom's and the milk crate (holding the ivy) was Grandma's. Fun little touches to bring all the generations of Mims women together in my garden. =)

The hook for the hanging basket was hanging catawampus. Dad now assures me it will still be holding things up long after I've passed on. =)

Mom and Aunt Barbara found the tricycle at Tuesday Morning back in July when they were here to help me decorate. They decided I must have it! I think it's novel and, since the other things in my garden are novel, it fits! We added the pansies to the basket last weekend.

5. Cook more regularly: I've been cooking each weekend and using those meals throughout the week. I cook some during the week too, but primarily on the weekend.

6. Meet the first few requirements in Dave Ramsey's list of 'acting your wage' (I'm using my own words here): Yep! :)

7. Pay off Television: Yep!

8. Work out more regularly: Yep!

9. Post more regularly: I dropped off a little in February, but still more regularly than last year!


1. Take a course on gun safety, get a license to carry a gun and purchase one: This has been temporarily put off. a) It's pretty expensive b) Having a gun in home causes many conversations to happen...

Hopefully March will see more progress and maybe the addition of more items!

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