Thursday, September 03, 2009


Every time I initiate a group gathering whether it is an around-town activity or a group in my home, I am reminded of the importance of RSVPs.

Why is letting a host or hostess know your plans so hard?

Why is it 'ok' (and I use that term very loosely, because in all reality it's not acceptable at all) to never reply?

Why is it 'ok' (see above definition) to not RSVP and then show up anyway?

Why is it 'ok' to respond yes and then change that to no the day of or maybe a day before with the reason being a better offer!?

Why is it okay in our minds to treat our friends disrespectfully in this manner?

At first I thought maybe it was just the people that don't host events very often, therefore do not know the importance of knowing numbers. But that's not it either, even hosts fail to RSVP correctly.

I don't know the answer, but it's frustrating.


  1. Call me mean, but if they show up unannounced...don't let 'em in. I have fallen victim to the "better offer" issue (which is, by the way, RUDE as all get-out) and speaks volumes to me in terms of how that person views our relationship. I usually leave them off many future invites as I'd be so sad to put them through the torture of having to trouble themselves by either attending my event because they didn't get a better offer, or having to determine which invite is better...but that's just mean ol' me. :-)

  2. I'm right there with you, Alyssa. The last time I tried coordinating a 30th birthday party I couldn't get anyone to respond. It makes me not want to plan anything else but you know I can't do that - I love parties! What to do?!? If you figure it out please let us know!

  3. Words cannot even begin to describe my life-long frustration with this very thing. Try planning a wedding without receiving an RSVP back. Now THAT will drive you crazy! It seems that society has allowed (or ignored) the old expected common courtesys to become a thing of the past.