Friday, September 04, 2009

Fun teacher stories

These both happened today! :)

A kindergarten teacher told her class they needed to go to track time, since it seemed all the little Ks had ants in their pants. A few minutes after they returned from the stretch break, a little girl said, "I think I still have an ant in my pant because I can't seem to sit down."

A 5th grader told the music teacher, "I really want to play the BIG drum." The music teacher replied, "Well, we'll have to see. It takes energy and someone with a lot of hair on their chest." The boy replied, "I have three!"


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  2. Wow. I had a kid tell me they didn't understand what I meant when I asked for an example of a number that is greater than 1, then had some kids tell me the Pacific Ocean was on the EAST coast...oh, and the kids who told me that B-R-A spelled BAR (it's a mnemonic device I teach!) of any age do say the darndest things, but that doesn't mean they should!