Sunday, September 06, 2009


I have finally finished decorating my new place! :) Mom and Aunt Barbara came down a month ago and I meant to post pictures then. Kindall, Jalen and friends helped with the final touches last night. I love it!

Without Further Ado...

Living Room/Dining Room Before:

Still some unpacked boxes... that I began to use as shelving! :)

Living Room/Dining Room After:

Those boxes are gone, I moved the "TV stand" (made out of two plant stands and a thick piece of glass) to the dining room to separate the two rooms more distinctly. Instead, I moved the cedar chest into the living room from the bedroom. It cleared up some space in the bedroom, too! The baker's rack was my Grandma's. Mom and Aunt Barbara brought a lot of decorator goodies with them!

Built in Cabinet Before:

The red is beautiful, but just doesn't work with my eggplant furniture.

Built in Cabinet After:

After many different trips to Home Depot and 2/3 of the wall being painted Cornhusk green, I ended up with Wintergreen. The cornhusk was too yellow-y. This has more blue tones and pulls out the green in the sofa. I like it!

I don't really have a good before shot of the long living room wall, but here's the after!

In past apartments, I had decorated throughout with quite a few floral pictures. I was tired of that look. I wanted something different. Something fun! We found clocks! And bicycles!

And a bicycle clock! I love them! The pendulum clock was a fun surprise when we got home!

Bedroom Before:

The window was an issue in decorating this room. Really in just putting furniture in places!

Bedroom After:

I lost count of how many times I've moved bedroom furniture around. Even before the movers left, I had them change the big pieces more than once! When Angela came to visit, we tried again...several times. Mom, Aunt Barbara and I finally found this one. 10th arrangement? 11th? I don't know, but I think it looks welcoming and homey.

Ok, there's the tour of my new home! I haven't done a lot to the kitchen, so I didn't include pics here. I still need an item or two for the counter. Right now, it's kind of bare. We'll see what I find! :) I also have a patio! I think it will be lovely to sit outside once the weather cools. I'm not a green thumb, but I'll do the best I can with all the greenery!

So, more, later...not going to promise soon on this project!


  1. Jalen, were you rocking back and forth when you typed that?

    Shan, Thanks! Decorating was fun, but I'm glad it's finished!

  2. very fun! glad you're enjoying your new place!