Friday, September 11, 2009

If you can't say Amen, you'd better say...

The title of this post is my favorite Voddie Baucham saying.

The past several weeks have been a struggle for various reasons I won't go into on a blog post. This week, I've ranged from perfectly fine to slightly annoyed to frustrated and back again.

Today I was going through the McD's drive-thru. I'd already given my money, but couldn't move forward yet. The lady that swiped my credit card was humming, occasionally the words would come out. She was bouncing a little too. She wasn't paying any attention to me...just kind of in her own world waiting for her next customer. It was the kind of situation that makes me smile. I said, "You must be having a great day!" with a smile. You know...the kind of banter you can have with a complete stranger. She smiled/grimaced and said, "It's been terrible." I actually thought she was kidding. She continued, "We're out of so many things. I'm getting cussed out for things I didn't even do." She's still gotta a little smile on her face though. We talked a little more about when she would get off work and how's she singing to get through the day.

All of this conversation was very brief. The car in front of me eased forward, so I said goodbye and moved on, but it has stuck with me.

She's had a bad day today...but she's singing a peppy song that puts a smile on another person's face.

Have I been acting that way lately?

If you can't say, "Amen," you'd better say, "Ouch!"

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