Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful #8

I'm thankful for Darrick. He is supportive during the research of large purchases. I've thought seriously about buying a home this year. He has driven to look at homes with me. He has given me his honest, well thought out, opinion of each home. He was always right. :) I trusted him, and trust him now. The timing wasn't always convenient, but he went along and was actually excited to do so! I finally decided to table the decision of purchasing a home, and am thankful for his part in the entire process.
Two weeks ago I took my car into my mechanic because of a shimmy, shudder thing it was doing at the first idle of each morning. It needed a new gadget, a replaced thingy and another new something or the tune of 1200. I had spent 1800 in several new thingys just a few months before. It didn't make financial sense to spend that kind of money again and decided to buy a new vehicle.
Darrick helped me research cars. He very much respected my thoughts and decisions, but gave me input when I asked for it. I would email him options of make/model and he would send me an article from consumer report along with what he had personally experienced or a friend of his had gone through. He could talk, intelligently, about any model I would ask about.
I finally made my decision and was driving to the dealership while talking with him on the phone. I knew I could handle this on my own, but at the same time would rather have had a friend there for support. He knew that and changed his evening plans to drive over to the dealership and join me. He asked me questions to get me thinking. He asked the salesman questions to confirm information. Throughout the whole process, he was supportive and, with just a slight shake or nod of his head, we could communicate on the best way to do business. I bought a 2009 Honda Accord EX last night and feel very confidant in my purchase.

Thanks Darrick!


  1. Yay for your new car!!! I'm so happy for you! :)

  2. good choice! My hubby's 1996 Honda Accord is still ticking along just great!