Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beginning of a Series of Posts

In view of Thanksgiving later this month, each day I am going to post something I am thankful for. Sometimes it may be a little thing...other times quite monumental, but all are people, situations or events worthy of praising the Lord.

1. My family.

My dad is great at encouragement. He has this wonderful way of wrapping me in a bear hug that makes me feel safe, loved, and protected. Dad provides for us our needs and, most of the time, our wants too. :)

My mom loves me enough to poke me out of my comfort zone. She knows my strengths, my struggles, my successes and my failures and she loves me through all of them. She knows when to back off and when to prod a little. She's great at listening, too.

Angela makes me smile. She wants to know anything and everything I want to talk about. She loves her sports and her passion for them is a family joke, one she can laugh at, too.

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