Thursday, June 14, 2007

Women's talk...always okay?

It's no secret I'm leaving for 3 weeks on Saturday. I'm going to England, France and Italy. (really?) For free. (gasp!) With 40 high schoolers. (oh.)

Two of the travelers and their mothers stopped by my apartment a little while ago to drop off some paperwork and ask a few questions. Female topics came up. No problem. I can handle that. Questions were asked, and I provided answers for all of them.

One mother likes to tease her daughter and brought up something designed to make the 15 year-old blush. Her daughter had absolutely no response and just stared at her mother. Mom's response was to nod at me and say "She's a woman, too!" As if that made it all okay. Truth be told, I was slightly uncomfortable by this point too.


  1. No! No! No! Not always ok. I got an email from my boss that Not always ok.

  2. It's sad that we feel the need to embarrass someone else so we can get a laugh. Ashamed to say I do it all the time not really thinking how it hurts others as too often it goes from brain to mouth so it happens in the moment and never goes through the appropriate filters of will this be cool with the person...