Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hair Styling and Schedules

My hair takes awhile to style. Best results happen when I have time for many steps...some steps requiring hours. If I can pull it into a tight bun, with product already on it, for a few hours before blow drying it and styling it, that is best. But who wakes up at 2am to wash her hair so that it can be in a tight bun for a few hours? Certainly not me. Which means, that doesn't get to happen very often.

I have noticed that I'm wearing my hair down more often this summer. It finally occurred to me the reason. I don't usually have to style my hair until evening. Therefore I can wake up late, workout, layout, shower around 3 and style it around 6. Perfect!

So basically, I'd like my school schedule to require me to arrive at work around 10am. I could wake up at 6, workout, shower and have time to do things around my apartment before I need to style my hair.

Can someone arrange that for me, please?

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