Friday, February 28, 2014

Am I a bore? or Am I an Adventurer?

I'm so inspired by my friend, Laura.  She is specifically studying a different word each month.  She wants to purposefully live life and not just meander through, letting the days pass her by.  It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane of life.  I get that!  But, she's encouraging me, just with her own purposeful study, to think outside my box.

In early February, Laura emailed us what she learned about Purpose in the month of January.  Then she ended it with her February word and question.


And now for my word for February... It is ADVENTURE. So friends, what does the word adventure mean for a believer? 


How fun!  My first thought was "Ha...I'm not adventurous at all!  I don't think Scripture says anything at all about us being I'm okay."

Then...I've thought about it...and my spirit yelled for attention and said, "UM, HELLO!  You're on a Foster Mom ADVENTURE" and I paused.  And prayed...and took a big sigh of relief, in all honesty, because I've always thought of myself as a boring, safe person...not an adventurer...and I like having a new definition for myself. :)  

I think the word Adventure means trusting God for the bigger plan.  I think it means stepping out in faith, not always knowing the answers or what is coming next.  I think Adventure for a believer means saying, "Yes" to the Spirit's leading, before even knowing the question.  I think Adventure means doing whatever you have to do, with all the resources the Lord provides you with, to use all the gifts the Lord has given you, so you can say "Yes" to whatever passion or purpose He has given you.  

For me, that meant quitting my job in Houston, moving to Plano, finding a new job and being a foster mom.  Because the Lord called me to it.  Hey, it's been an adventure!

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