Tuesday, February 04, 2014

212 degrees...or Pi Day...whichever

Updated...because life changed

You may know that 212 degrees is the boiling point for water.  211 degrees is really hot water, but it does not boil until 212 degrees.  One eensie weensie degree makes a big difference in hot and BOILING.

Last year, my principal asked the staff to go an extra degree for someone else on February 12.  Our campus is a kind and friendly campus.  But, what could we do to go an extra degree for a co-worker?  I loved it.  It was a HUGE morale booster.  I sent dinner home with a friend with sick kiddos.  Another friend gave each person on our team extra large sticky notes with a sweet note written on the first page.  One team member sent our team cupcakes.  And on and on it went.

February 12 is coming up again.  I've been thinking about what I can do to bless someone that day.  I'm going to be talking with J about what she can do to bless someone that day.

Would you like to join us?

Maybe it's buying the meal of the person behind you in the CFA drive-thru.  Maybe it's taking a new co-worker to lunch.  Maybe it's writing an encouraging note to someone that is down.  You certainly don't have to tell them it's 212, but maybe if you do, it will encourage them to go an extra degree, too.

We might do something for a stranger.  (I've thought of taking steaks to a fire station.)  But, I'm leaning more towards doing something intentional for someone that is close to each of us.

Or, we may do both.


Well, we ended up not doing anything for 212.  J left on 2/14, so the few days before were focused on different things than 212.  I would have enjoyed teaching her about giving.  I would have enjoyed the blessing of giving.  But at that time I was more focused on J's needs than paying kindness forward.

So, 212 went to the wayside.  Then, I saw a post on FB on March 14.  It's Pi day because of the whole 3.14 thing and all, so lots of people like to make/eat pie.  I decided I would combine the two.  I called my local fire station to see if they would be welcome to the idea of me dropping off a pot of chili and some pies.  They were very receptive, so I made a couple of my family's favorite chocolate pies and a big pot of chili and some fruit salad and dropped it by for them to enjoy.  I have no idea if they liked it or not, but I enjoyed doing it and smiled through all the prep and dropping it off.  It's just fun to do something for someone else.  I will definitely do it again, but hopefully won't have to wait until next 212 day or Pi day to do it. :)

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