Monday, October 01, 2012

Changing My Prayers

I read Kelly's Korner blog on a regular basis.  She recently posted a poem by Ruth Bell Graham...a mother's poem.  Now, I'm not a mother, but it reminded me of how, too often, I pray for things to be easier.  To go my way.  When, in reality, I need to be praying for the Lord's will to be done.  For my eyes to be opened to what He would have me to do.  Where He would have me to go.  Whom He would ask me to love.
Had I been Joseph's mother
I'd have prayed
protection from his brothers
"God, keep him safe.
He is so young,
so different from
the others."
she never knew
there would be slavery
and prison, too.

Had I been Moses' mother
I'd have wept to keep my little son:
praying she might forget
the babe drawn from the water
of the Nile.
Had I not kept
him for her
nursing him the while,
was he not mine?
--and she
but Pharaoh's daughter?

Had I been Daniel's mother
I should have pled
"Give victory!
--this Babylonian horde
godless and cruel--
Don't let him be a captive
--better dead,
Almighty Lord!"

Had I been Mary,
Oh, had I been she,
I would have cried
as never a mother cried,
"Anything, O God,

With such prayers importunate
my finite wisdom would assail
Infinite Wisdom
God, how fortunate
Infinite Wisdom
should prevail.


Help me to change my prayers.

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