Friday, December 03, 2010

December is HERE!

I'm looking forward to this month so much!

I know it has already started, so that might be a weird thing to say.  But I am.  I'm ready to be finished with grad school and December is the month!  THE month!  Wa-hooo!

I took a final on Wednesday.  I didn't do great on it, but with all the other points with the semester, I'm not worried about it.  And it's over!  That's the main thing!

I have a paper due Monday night.  While I haven't started writing it yet, I have all the prep work finished for it and that's a huge burden off.  This weekend is fairly busy, but the paper will still be written!

And that is my last milestone!  I'm not "walking."  I just don't care enough, but I've got the papers in the mail saying I'm ready and set to graduate.  I just have to finish the 6 hours from this semester.  Well, there's only a few days left and then I'll have done it! 

My parents threw me a wonderful surprise graduation party while we were in Oklahoma City last Friday.  Both sides of extended family came and I felt so blessed and encouraged.  It was exciting, completely unexpected and a huge blessing.  So fun!

My house is a mess right now.  Fall decor is still up.  Christmas boxes are unloaded from the car, but don't have any where to go.  The sink is full of dishes.  Black Friday shopping bags are sitting in the bedroom.  I can't even blame grad school work this week.  There just hasn't been time to work on grad school or clean/put away! 

Ah, well.  Just a couple more days.  Then I'll breathe a HUGE (read: gargantuan) sigh of relief and really enjoy this month.

There are parties coming up that I could say YES to attend.  Do you know how big that is?  I've had to say "no" to almost every invitation this semester.  Honestly, life got very narrow...and very lonely.  I'm so excited to attend activities, meet friends for coffee or dinner and even initiate things at my house!
Yay for December!


  1. Congrats on a job well done, Alyssa! I am so happy for you. I have been debating whether or not I will walk in May, but my family is planning on it, any case, I am glad you have your life back now!