Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Retrospective

At the beginning of the year, I started "The List" of things I wanted to accomplish this year.  Some of those things happened.  Some of the desires changed.  Some of them are still desires, but haven't happened yet.  This is my "end of the year" update.  I think I will do this next year, too.  It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot!  (Partly because I LOVE marking things off a list and partly because it's fun to set goals and then get motivated to achieve them...(so I can mark them off the list!))

This was the original posting:

They are in absolutely no particular order.

__1. Take a self-defense class

_x_2. Pay off medical bills

__3. Go to Chicago

__4. Go skydiving

__5. Take a course on gun safety, get a license to carry a gun and purchase one

_x_6. Re-take the GRE (long story) and work HARD at completing my Master's degree

_x_7. Go cash predominantly (I'm not sure cash only is even an option anymore)

_x_8. Go on a mission trip

_x_9. Plant things (I'm being vague on purpose) in my garden

_x_10. Cook more regularly

_x_11. Figure out why my wifi doesn't work at home

_x_12. Use everything in my pantry before going grocery shopping

_x_13. Re-read the Proverbs 31 woman study...focus hard on the character traits the Lord leads me too

__14. Meet Angie Smith

__15. Visit Crosspoint Church

__16. Meet Brandi and Pete Wilson

__17. Meet the first few requirements in Dave Ramsey's list of 'acting your wage' (I'm using my own words here)

That's what I can think of right now. 17 is an odd number to end on, but I'm okay with that. I can add more later if I want to! :)

These are the items I added through the year.

__Researching PhD programs

__Going on a cruise

_x_Post more regularly

__Spend quality time with the Lord more regularly.

_x_Take more pictures of life as it happens!

_x_Write my little Compassion boy more often.

__Plan fun lessons on the SMART board for next year.

__Have my neighbors over for dinner.


Well, as you can see, I didn't accomplish it all...but hey, that gives me a good place to start for next year!

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