Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creative? Me?

I've been doing a study of Proverbs 31 off and on for about a year now.  I've really enjoyed it...certainly learning a lot from it, and hopefully applying it, too!

The study is broken into lessons, with each lesson focusing on a particular verse from Proverbs 31. 

I've always struggled with one particular verse...24. 

"She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies sashes for the merchants."

The lesson title for this verse is "Creative."  I've never thought of myself as creative.  I can use a sewing machine (and I'm using the word "can" loosely here...meaning I can do it with a little guidance.)  I know how to put a picture up on the wall.  (Deciding where to put it is another matter.) I can wield a paint brush.  (Choose a color?  Choose which wall to paint?  Texturing?  Not so much.) I have the ability to do these things, but I don't have an eye for what looks really good.  I know what I like in decorating, but I don't always know what I want before it's time to decorate.  (Bring Hobby Lobby home?  That's my motto.) 

I have friends that make baby blankets and diaper bags and clothing.  Other friends play music beautifully.  My mom and aunt are fabulous at decorating a home on any type of budget.  Other friends have a fun sense of humor and make the world a better place through laughter.  I've just never had that ability or talent or gift....and I kind of think it's all three!

I was talking about this in small group the week we got to this lesson and our mentor said, "You're a teacher.  You tutor children.  That IS creative.  You can help guide them through a confusing concept, see them understand and move forward with new knowledge.  I definitely think that's creativity." 

I don't know if I can articulate how that rocked my world.  ME?  Creative?  That's something to describe beautiful women who already have it all together.  Creative women are ones who can show their family and friends they love them through a tangible item that can be touched, seen, heard.  Creativity means praising the Lord through a beautiful voice or instrument.  I'm not creative. 

But I received her words.  I have such respect for her, and have for years, even though I didn't know her well...having listened to her speak at a couple different events, being friends with people who were friends with her...watching her in action, and soaking up the words of a woman who is further along in her Christian walk than I am.  I received her words in a way I might not have from a peer. 

Hmmm, creative. 

I am creative.  Helping a child to learn is creative.  Saying these words...typing freeing. 

I'm so glad our singles' group is working to bring women together from across life's phases to learn from each other and encourage each other!!

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  1. So often, we play down our abilities in comparing ourselves to others. God has made each of us beautiful in our own unique way. It is only when we embrace these differences and see them as beautiful and necessary that we will truly see ourselves as God sees us.

    You are beautiful, and I know He is using the Proverbs 31 study to bring you closer and closer to Him.