Tuesday, August 03, 2010

So many thoughts...

Summer seems to be a time that fills up quickly. It seems to be a pattern that I have about three days or so in which I do nothing but laundry and sleep and read FICTION that I get to choose! Then everything starts happening. This summer it was grad school and tutoring former students and preparing to leave the country and preparing to lead Vacation Bible School the day I came back into the country. (Yes, I said 'yes' to too much.) Then being out of the country and coming straight back to Vacation Bible School. The day VBS was over, I left for Plano. We had a great time, but were busy there as well. Mom took a few days off work and we ran all over Dallas looking for fabric for her to have some throw pillows and a shower curtain made. Her colors are hard to find and so it took some searching!

Angela came home with me and we had fun going to an Astros game and the zoo and just taking it easy around the house. Ang is very low key and enjoys 'sister time' no matter what we do!

She left Wednesday and I had a training Thursday and Friday. Yesterday and today have been busy filled with errands that need to get done before I go back to work on Monday and Mom comes in town tonight. We're planning to sew curtains and work in my classroom some.

Whew! Summer is busy!

Yet there is still time for thinking... thinking sometimes gets me in trouble. Does anybody else think that? (um, about your own thinking...not mine!)

Thinks I've thought

I wish I knew how to be a better friend.
I need to pray more often.
I need to spend more time in the Word.
I wish I ate healthier.
I wish I had people to cook for on a more regular basis.
It is REALLY hot in Houston.
People in Haiti need help. I wish I could do more. I feel bad that I'm not doing more. I feel selfish that I don't do more.
Sometimes reading fiction is not good for my heart.
Sometimes people ask me deep questions and I don't know what they mean or what they're asking and I feel bad that I'm not that deep.

Then I start to think how selfish I am that all those thoughts are all about me and my feelings and reactions to things...and the cycle starts all over again.

Lord, help me to be dependent on You and You alone. Help me to conform my thoughts to Your thoughts and my ways to Your ways.

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  1. I think far too much. And it never fails to get me into trouble...one way or the other.