Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Overhauled List

Sooo....I'm yet again going to ignore that I've been an absentee blogger this summer. I'm just going to jump into the post.

My January List has actually made it waaaay longer than I thought it would. It needs some overhaul though. Some things don't need to be talked about for a year...so they're being taken off the list. Some things are on a back burner or...off the stove altogether, so they're being moved. That's what this post is for.

I realize this list is definitely for me...and that nobody else would have any reason to care about it...that's okay. I'll post other things soon. This is for me to be able to look back on things and use it kind of as an accountability.

Things I'm still interested in pursuing (or adding to the list):

Researching PhD programs
Cooking more regularly
Going to Chicago
Going on a cruise
Meet Angie Smith
Visit Crosspoint Church
Meet Brandi and Pete Wilson
Re-read the Proverbs 31 woman study...focus hard on the character traits the Lord leads me too
Go cash predominantly
Post more regularly
Spend quality time with the Lord more regularly.
Take more pictures of life as it happens!
Write my little Compassion boy more often.
Plan fun lessons on the SMART board for next year.
Have my neighbors over for dinner.

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