Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Do List in prep for Mom/Dad's visit

This may not interest you at all! But it's going to help me :)

Fold and put away laundry
Move purses off chair by door
Find a new place for purses to belong since I demolished their previous storage place
Decide if TV is going to MTC or staying here...somewhere ??
Dry and put away dishes
Figure out where V-day gifts from students are going to belong
Write a grocery list
Go grocery shopping
Bake dessert for Pilgrim gathering
Go to Pilgrim gathering
buy birthday gift for tutoring student
Wash sheets
Get ironing board from DJ
put away dishes, linens, table/chairs from DJ
Completely clean off desk
Find a place for items currently on desk to go where they can belong
Find a new place for vacumn to belong
pay bills
file paperwork
prepare for small group
attend small group
leadership meeting
reorganize drawers in chest, then move some closet items to empty drawers

Accomplish by Thursday night!!!!

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