Saturday, June 14, 2008

My to do list

This week was busy in the sense that I've added workouts to my daily routine, committed to tutoring several children three days each week and said yes to quite a few evening committments. I hadn't done laundry since... well, I'm not sure when really, and was becoming perilously low in all areas of my wardrobe. Getting dressed each morning this week became a comedy routine, let me tell you!

Last night, I left work right on time, made a couple stops on the way home and immediately gathered all my laundry together. My basket has never been filled so high! I had to swing back to get some momentum and heave, ho! to get it up on the table in the laundry room! Of course, I started giggling. This whole thing was just too funny. :)

I did ten loads of laundry. Yep, I said ten. My dinner companions last night stopped me in the telling of another funny story (which is absolutely hysterical, but I'm not sure is blog material) because they were dumbfounded over the fact I had ten loads. What can I say?

There are only eight washers, and one wasn't working. I felt badly for monopolizing all of them, but at least it wasn't on a Saturday morning.

Whew, clean clothes again!

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