Sunday, April 03, 2011

I love springtime!

I would never have thought I would enjoy working outside.  I just didn't as a little girl.  Grandma loved piddling outside in her garden and her backyard flowers.  Mom and Dad always keep a beautiful yard, too.  I just never had a desire to learn about all the different types of plants...shade, sun, partial direct light, blah, blah, blah.  I just wasn't interested.

Except now, I have my own garden area and I LOVE working out in it.

When I first moved in, I had a jungle. :)

In October 2009:
I dug out buried black plastic pots that long ago had something growing in them, cut down three trees and uprooted dead branches of unrecognizable origin.

It was incredibly satisfying to clear out the jungle!

Doesn't this look SO much better!?

Obviously, things need planted, but oh, my goodness!  I can see what I have out there now!

Spring of 2010, I attempted to begin cultivating the garden area.
This is English Ivy.  It didn't work very well.

 I like the yellow butterfly, though!

 So now, we're current.  Yesterday, I went to Joshua's Native Plants of Houston and bought several items.
I have zero direct sunlight, so my options are limited.  However, I'd really been wanting some color.  Greenery works best, though.  Joshua helped me find some greenery with some white in the leaf, to help add some light to all the dark greenery!

This is what I brought home!  There's a lot of digging to do!

 See what I mean?  Some white in the least it's lighter than dark green!

 Already looking better!

Whew!  More to go!  I think at this point, I'd only planted 11 of the 23 plants...and I was dirty and gross and LOVING the progress!

I brought home some chimes, too!  I've ALWAYS wanted some, but for one reason or another they weren't priority.  Today, they came home.  I put them up immediately so I could enjoy them while I worked outside!

It's coming together!

I got the red cardinals at my family Christmas gift exchange.  I still need some flowers for these pots, but I have up the Easter flag!  Garden flags are a family tradition, and they make me smile.
 Oh, you bet I had the fountain going while I was out there, too.  LOVE it!  It certainly needed cleaned out, though.  Black water = yuck!

I've planted everything I bought on Saturday, but still need some flowers for here and there.  I love Spring weekends!

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