Saturday, April 23, 2011

God has been up to an amazing work.  Hmm, let me correct that.  God is always up to an amazing work.  Lately, He has opened my eyes more to what He's doing and I am joyfully walking closer and closer with Him each day.  It is a blessing to actually see, understand and be a tiny part of His plan!

Jesus is patiently walking me through some lessons on trust and what it looks like to have faith in Him.  Our trip to Haiti back in March was fabulous, without many bumps.  I did have a slight heartattack the night before we left.  I had made a mistake in adding up the amount of cash we were supposed to take and we were short...but no small amount.  I didn't immediately trust.  I didn't immediately turn to Christ.  My first thought was one of panic.  He wasn't surprised.  He had known all along I had made that mistake, and He quietly took care of it. 

Thank you Jesus!  I will choose to trust you next time!

We had a slight ticket glitch at the end of our trip.  I didn't even miss a beat.  I need Jesus had it all under control.  Thank you Lord that you're helping me learn to trust you!

My small group has been studying Ruth lately.  While I was in Haiti, God took me back to the end of chapter 2, specifically the verses where Ruth goes out into the barley and wheat fields.  She had met Boaz.  She found him appealing.  She wanted to be married again.  God asked her to be patient.  And to wait.  Two things I don't do as well as I would like.

Another lesson I learned, to be prayerfully patient.  I can't just be patient.  I can't just pray.  God is asking me to do both.  I need to be prayerful for my friends' salvation.  I need to be patient with them as I'm talking with them and praying for them.  I need to be prayerful for my future spouse.  I need to be patient with God's plan while I'm praying for my husband.

Earlier this week, MJ and I interviewed for a video our church is making to promote Haiti.  Our Missions' Office is starting up a new website about Giving Your Life Away.  This video will be on the website and perhaps shown in our church service at some point, too.  

Mark and Lacey are in town this weekend.  They were able to come to our Broken for You service on Thursday night.  Both of them commented how large the church was and how intimate the service felt.  Praise God!  I had been specifically praying they would feel poured into.  Mark, Lacey, MJ and I are all meeting with our missions' pastor tomorrow morning.  I am so excited to continue to see God working!

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