Monday, May 17, 2010

The List...updated

I missed March's update...and April's for that I know this isn't the 'end of the month' but I had some catching up to do!

In Progress or Still to Do:

1. Take a self-defense class: I don't know anything else about this one...but doing these updates always gets me motivated!

2. Go to Chicago: I'm not sure this is going to happen...will explain further down. =)

3. Go skydiving: I think I'll do this in July when I'm home for a bit.

4. Go on a mission trip: It's a definite for March 12-19 of next year! Praise the Lord! I will go this summer for a few days to meet the program directors, see the need and make some other connections. Please be in prayer for both of these trips! (Which is why Chicago may not happen!)

5. Figure out why my wifi doesn't work at home: WiFi now works and then I turned off DSL and got Uverse!

6. Use everything in my pantry before going grocery shopping: I accomplished this one (well, for the most part...I allowed myself to go grocery shopping when I got down to only oatmeal left!)

7. Meet Angie Smith: I'm not sure if/when this might happen.

8. Visit Crosspoint Church: I'm not sure if/when this might happen.

9. Meet Brandi and Pete Wilson: See #7 and #8.

10. Re-read the Proverbs 31 woman study...focus hard on the character traits the Lord leads me too: I will be facilitating a study on this over the summer. I'm praying for the Lord to bring specific women forward that want to study this!

11. Go cash predominantly (I'm not sure cash only is even an option anymore: I got off this for awhile, but am trying to get back on!

12. Post more regularly: I had this under the 'completed' list in February...but let's be needed to move back up here :)


1. Pay off medical bills: TOTALLY FINISHED!

2. Re-take the GRE and work towards completion of my Master's degree: I'm set to graduate in December of this year! Whoo-hooo!

4. Plant things in my garden: The pansies didn't do so well with the summer heat, so the begonias are out now!

5. Cook more regularly: I've been cooking each weekend and using those meals throughout the week. I cook some during the week too, but primarily on the weekend.
It's been fun! Here are some pics of my favorite meals!

(I'll have better pics next time...I know you've seen these recently. Sorry!)

6. Meet the first few requirements in Dave Ramsey's list of 'acting your wage' (I'm using my own words here): Yep! :)

7. Pay off Television: Yep!

8. Work out more regularly: Yep!


1. Take a course on gun safety, get a license to carry a gun and purchase one: This has been temporarily put off. a) It's pretty expensive b) Having a gun in home causes many conversations to happen...

New Items:
1. Research the various programs and begin training for fostering children.

2. Spend quality time with the Lord more regularly.

3. Take more pictures of life as it happens!

4. Write my little Compassion boy more often.

5. Plan fun lessons on the SMART board for next year.

6. Have my neighbors over for dinner.

7. Research the doctoral programs at the various possible universities.

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