Sunday, May 30, 2010


The last two weeks have been a little say the least. I was on the VIPS luncheon committee, which means I helped plan the luncheon to show our school volunteers appreciation. Two of us had subs in our room on the day of the luncheon and everyone on the committee was supposed to bring all their fake and real greenery and flowers from home. I didn't take any pics of the actual luncheon. :( But it turned out wonderful! We catered from Sweet Tomatoes and had a garden theme with greenery everywhere, a red wagon with a Boston fern in it, my green tricycle with begonias and sunflowers in it, in front of a white picket fence. There's even a garden-y mural on the wall! So pretty!

Anyway, I still have some of those needed items not put away yet.

Then, that same night, I left for our singles retreat. I'm a light packer, but my bag is sitting in my kitchen doorway waiting to be fully unpacked. So far, I've just grabbed stuff out of it as I needed it.

This year, teachers had to do more in our classrooms than normal to prepare for summer. There's some construction going on in our building due to that Bond money from several years ago finally opening up. Yay! Which means, more stuff had to be off the floor, more items needed covered, and more items needed to come home.

Then, of course, the typical items needed to come home.

And, it WAAAS the last day of school and all, so there's all the teacher gifts! :)

Add bills and miscellaneous paperwork on top of that...

So how does the post title have anything to do with this?

I found a business card for Theresa's Cleaning Services in my doorway when I went to check yesterday's mail.

Too bad, I'd have to clean before she could come clean!