Friday, April 16, 2010

Teacher Gift Suggestions: Show Us Your Life

To All of Kellys Korner Readers: Welcome!

I am a teacher and so was excited to see this for today's SUYL topic!

Teachers appreciate all gifts students give to them. We know they are out of love, adoration and appreciation. We love our students in return!

Buying gifts for teachers is difficult, because children are not sure what to purchase. Sometimes parents leave it up to the children and we receive stuffed animals or Lisa Frank nail polish sets. The relationship between student and teacher is just that. =) We're not friends, so they have no idea what to buy for gifts. Please, as parents, help guide this decision. Your child's teacher will receive a gift that they can use!

As any person giving a gift, I want the receiver to be able to use it, enjoy it, LOVE it. So when thinking of your child's teacher, cute is not the goal. Appreciating the teacher is the goal. Right?

Bottom line? Gift cards are BEST! American Express, Mastercard, and Visa gift cards are by far preferred because we can use them anywhere. Target, Sonic, neighborhood restaurants or movie theaters are good, too. Starbucks is fine, but please make sure the teacher is a coffee drinker!

A suggestion? Ask!

Last year, I received the following from my room mom. She asked me to fill it out and return it. I thought this was brilliant!

1. When is your birthday?
2. What is your favorite flower?
3. What is your favorite restaurant?
4. What kind of music do you like?
5. Check all the following that you enjoy:
gift certificates
6. Please give three or four ideas of places for a gift certificate.

The gifts I appreciate the most are gift certificates. I know some parents don't like them, because they seem impersonal. Write a sweet, appreciative note. We will treasure that note! I keep those! Really! Gift cards help us save money. And can't we all use a little savings?

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  1. Sounds like your parent helper had the right idea! :)