Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hiatus Over

I'm back!

It had been longer than I thought since my last blog post. What have I done in the between time?

~packed to move
~flew to Rome
~traversed the ancient, yet modern, city
~embarked and sailed for Sicily, where we ladies walked a beautiful shoreline
~embarked for Athens, where I went to Corinth and saw the Bema seat where Paul defended himself in Acts
~embarked for Ephesus, an absolutely breathtaking city filled with so much history of truth and so many lost people
~embarked once again for Crete, where the men and I walked down to a rocky beach and splashed in the waves, then dozed on the remarkably comfortable shore
~last embarkation back to Rome, where on the sea I had a birthday and am now living the last year of my 20s
~saw Angels and Demons in the exact spot the movie was set (so cool!)
~came back to Houston

~moved the next day (I don't recommend it!)
~welcomed a new director to Paradigm (yay!)
~unpacked a few boxes, did some laundry, then repacked before I left for Plano to celebrate 4th of July with family
~came back and played catch up with all my friends
~volunteered in Houston Project
~painted a little boy's room
~tried to paint a bookshelf, then changed my mind on the color
~still settling in and now seeing the school year looming ahead

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  1. glad your hiatus is over after such an eventful month!