Monday, July 20, 2009

A few pics

I realized recently I don't post many (any?) real pictures on my blog. So here are a few from our recent trip to the Mediterranean!

Darrick, Dan, me, Mark and Liz (Jill is taking the pic!) are killing time on the train in the Detroit airport! On our way to Rome! :)

This is Jill, Liz, Darrick, Dan, me, and Mark in the Colosseum!

Liz, Alyssa and Jill in front of a library from Ancient Ephesus. The walk down to this still-standing structure is absolutely breathtaking! Loved it!

Here is another one of us climbing the steps of a memorial in Rome. I don't remember what the memorial is remembering...

One of many gorgeous sunsets while on the cruise! I could sit and stare for hours!

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