Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Little Spring Cleaning

I did a little shopping this weekend. I had fabulous success in finding items (both ones I was looking for and ones I decided I 'needed') so all in all, it was a fun time! (I found fabulous deals!) I did my clothes' shopping by myself. That's how I usually roll, though I much more prefer to have someone with me for those pesky "this is the wrong size" moments. Oh well, I bought cute items, so who cares!? That was all on Friday. On Saturday, I was the initiator of the 'forcing' referred to here and found 4...count 'em, 4 pair of shoes!

Thus, some cleaning out needed to occur.

I have gone through my clothing, both in my closet and my chest, and filled one garbage bag. I haven't yet made it to the shoes, but they're next! (Though maybe not today.)

I love feeling productive!

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