Thursday, December 04, 2008

Productivity can be a huge blessing!

I know we're not supposed to be like Martha. From that particular story, we're supposed to model Mary. However, there are times when productivity is a huge blessing! I had dinner with a friend of mine tonight. Then, instead of going to Bible study, I went home and cleaned! It was absolutely wonderful! I had not been home in the evenings at all this week and still had not unpacked from my Thanksgiving travels. I had shopping bags, an open suitcase with clothes spilling out of it, happy birthday cards from my students, mail, towels, Bible study books, new car paperwork, updated car insurance paperwork, dishes, plants and more all over my living/dining room. Now it is all in its proper place and I can actually sit on my couch without seeing gobs of things that need my attention!

Thank you for time to be productive, Lord!

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