Monday, September 15, 2008

It's kinda scary how much we rely on electricity for everything. My apartment complex didn't lose power and got water back Sunday afternoon, so I didn't go without very long.

Driving down Westheimer is amazing. There are VERY FEW stores open between 610 and the Beltway. I mean almost none. Very few stoplights work. I was out this evening about 7:30, picking up some dinner from fairly far away, and it became crystal clear as to why we have a curfew. Without daylight, it's very difficult to see other cars because there are no building lights, streetlights, stoplights, etc.

HISD has cancelled school through Friday with an update to be given Friday about when classes will start up again. I leave Wednesday for a conference for work, so classes being cancelled help me since I won't have to do substitute lesson plans, which would have been even more difficult since I couldn't be at school to make them. Those of you out there who are teachers understand what I'm talking about! My students walking in to a substitute after returning from a hurricane would not have been great either, for countless reasons. Wonder if we'll have to make these days up? The state forgave the days missed during Hurricane Rita, but Saavedra made us make them up anyway. (most of them? all of them? I can't remember.)

I was up at church today helping with cleanup. We filled many (100?) garbage bags with leaves and twigs. Raked up many more and filled the back of a pickup with them so they could be hauled off. We also moved branches into piles to make easy access for being carried off. There are two downed trees in the courtyard. Several guys were using saws and tree-cutters to make the branches and trunk pieces easier to carry, then other guys carrying them out to the street. There was at least one chainsaw being used. I'm pretty sure there will be a professional brought in for the massive trunk of one tree. There is another cleanup day tomorrow 1p-5p if anyone wants to help!

I admit to being a little bored. I'm sleeping in, watching the news, reading... There are papers to grade, but meh.

I need to do laundry. That's my plan for tomorrow.

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  1. Alyssa, I screamed in protest when my district announced we'd be out thru Wednesday. I really want to go back to work. Really. I understand the whole power/water issue, but if the pioneers could do it, then why can't we? I'm bored. I mean, I'm so bored until I found myself getting giddy over the smallest of things.