Sunday, May 18, 2008

Annoying Naymz

A group of friends and I were walking out to my car tonight when one of them says, "I just got an email from Alyssa."


She looks at it to see what it says, since I obviously wasn't sitting at a computer and don't have internet access on my phone. It's from Naymz. I'm a member of Naymz, but don't like the annoying emails I'm receiving and didn't realize they were sending emails to MY FRIENDS! (said in slightly higher octave voice)

Several others of the group claim to be getting similar emails fairly often from "me" about this site as well. I'm already slightly miffed at the webservice and now I'm even more so!

I come home and immediately go to their website. I click on help and see the Frequently Asked Questions are all about how to get things to stop happening. How do I unsubscribe? How do I stop receiving emails? How do I stop emails from being sent to my friends? Yuck. I followed all the directions. If you're a friend of mine and have been receiving emails from Naymz, hopefully they won't be coming any more.

I'm sorry!

1 comment:

  1. Wow. I've received two of those emails from "you", with the most recent being shortly before midnight Saturday night. I figured you weren't sending them on purpose, so I just kept hitting delete. No worries!