Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blessed Be Your Name

We sang this song in church today.

Take a few minutes and listen to it.

It's powerful, right?

It was a reminder to me.  A reminder of how good God is.  He is the Creator of the universe.  He is the Supreme Being.  He created me.  You created you.  He created ethnicities.  He created cultures.  And countries.  He is good.  He is with us in tough seasons and in joyful ones.

I wrote this blog post over a year ago on the day J left my home to return to her biological family after being in my home for 8 months.  It was a tough day.  It was a tough season.  He was with me.

I am looking forward towards being a foster mom again.  I'm not there yet.  Foster parenting is a hard road to walk, but the Lord has instilled this passion inside of me for the fatherless and even when tough, it is a sweet place of joy to know I'm doing what the Father has called me to do.

So, as we sang this song this morning, I pondered.

I'm not walking a tough season right now.  Oh, sure.  I'm starting a new job.  I'm changing schools and grade levels and managing a side business and jump-starting a foster mom support group,  But, I'm not walking a tough season.  Yet, I'm not walking my purpose either.  Not yet.  I'm working towards it.  I'm exactly where the Lord has me to be.  He's preparing me for something bigger.  He's preparing my heart for my season of purpose as a foster mom again.  But, I'm not there yet.  This song still applies.  Blessed be His name.  Whether I'm walking a season of suffering or I'm walking a season of abundance flowing or even if I'm walking a season of in-between.  Blessed be His name.

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