Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home Groups

I've been attending The Village Church and really liking it!  The sermons are very biblically based with the right amount of conviction and motivation and encouragement.  The music is worshipful and God-centered.  I leave each service blessed and encouraged.

They are "aggresively searching" for a campus in my city.  I love the phrase "aggresively searching".  It gives such a visual.  Don't you think? 

While they're aggresively searching for a campus, they are creating home groups specific to my city's location.  Love!  I went to Group Connect last night.  There were maybe 100 people there and about 10 or so Home Groups.  Some of these Home Groups were new, some were existing.  All meet in homes and most follow the Sunday sermon series.  I was blessed to see gray hair, newborns, young marrieds and singles.  I LOVED that two single men sat RIGHT BY ME for the brief introduction before we moved around the room.  There really ARE single men, in my city, who love Jesus.  They also both had steady jobs.  (I'm totally thinking of Mark Driscoll's illustration about women needing to look for a man who 1. Loves Jesus and 2. Has a job) 

I have signed up for a Home Group that meets ten minutes from my house with a range of young twenties to late thirties, married, single.  LOVE it!  I've been praying for a multi-generational, mixed gender, all life stages group to develop community with.

I'm so excited!

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  1. Yay! Praying that God blesses you and teaches you through the Home Group.