Friday, December 04, 2009


To South Texas children, snow is altogether better than extra recess and chocolate!

That's right folks, precipitation has been pretty consistent since about 7:15 this morning here in Houston. It started off as little icy flakes. Kinda like rain and ice mixed. I wouldn't call it sleet necessarily, but it would lightly stick to the arm of my coat and make my hair sparkle briefly. This was all happening as children were arriving and the wonder on their faces was so fun to watch!

It stopped for awhile, but was still quite wet outside.

Around 10:30 actual snow flakes began to fall. We have two subs on our grade level today, but the two of us that are here just told all the kiddos to bundle up and we headed out to play. Nothing was sticking and the flakes were quite small, but we enjoyed it anyway!

The chatter and exclamations of excitement have resounded in the hallways throughout the day, especially once the flakes became a lot larger and it began to fall more heavily. We'll definitely be out in it again!

When we go next time, I'll take pictures!

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