Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Countdown and Some Lists

If you're on gmail, then you've seen my status updates regarding the countdown to the end of the school year. There are only 8 days left! Whoo-hooo!

Now those 8 days will be pretty crazy with:
collecting textbooks (and searching for missing ones!)
fishing for library books
grading papers
entering grades
having meetings to discuss summer school and/or retention/promotion status for all students
meetings to discuss professional development for next year
meetings to discuss parent complaints/concerns
meetings to pass off some responsibilities and other meetings to accept some responsibilities
cleaning out files
going through stacks of papers to figure out what can be sent home, thrown away, needs kept
distributing some school supplies
and none of these things touch on disciplining or teaching students! that's all thrown in there too!

Once school is out, I need to:
pack for my cruise
pack to move
write letters to my newly adopted William
call my insurance company to figure out answers to a whole bunch of questions, then pay bills after all those questions have been answered
handle my speeding ticket and defensive driving (bleck)

Wow! Lots to do!

So if you see me at some point in the next four weeks and I look a little frazzled, just know I'm clicking down my list!

(And if you don't see me in the next four weeks, you know why!)


  1. You only have 8 days?????? Man! I've got 14 (13 with the kids.). Wow. I wish you luck on your list! :-)

  2. I understand the length of your lists. You can do it!!!

  3. lots to do indeed! what is it? 3 days now?!! :)