Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yay for Vacations!

I just got back from a wonderful girl trip. We had plans but nothing was in concrete, and we all had similar views for how we wanted the trip to look. We wanted to have fun and relax. We had a plan, but were flexible. It was wonderful! It rained almost all day Thursday so we converged onto the San Marcos Outlet Mall instead of our original plan of Schlitterbahn. My goal was "school clothes" for the upcoming school year. I bought 5 dresses and they were ALL 50% off. I was so excited! They're very appropriate for work, but are fun, too. I also was able to purchase several other fun and needed items which made the trip an unqualified success! Becca and Laura made several purchases, too. None of us had been to the Outlet in awhile, so it was fun to reacquaint ourselves.

Friday was forecast as cloudy skies, but not as much rain. We were able to land a close parking spot and with our complimentary Schlitterbahn tickets from a friend, didn't even have to wait in ticket lines! The rides were fun and Laura, of course, came up with many games for us to play while waiting in the lines that got longer throughout the day.

We ate dinner at the Gristmill and leisurely walked through several fun antique shops in Gruene. We watched the Dark Knight and all enjoyed Christian Bale, I mean the movie.

Oh, and I got a tattoo.


  1. Wow! She broke two rules, then got a tattoo! What's next, you rebel??

  2. Yay for fun trips - especially if they involve shopping!

  3. need to see pics of the tatoo, girl! ha! hope you're doing well!